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Open architecture of all projects prepare an exceptional ability to accept project funding from retail or financial or strategic partners. Exclusivity of products provides a guarantee for the outstanding success of capitalizing on investment in the medium term.

Investor can preferably get instantly a share on him financed project as well as on existing comp. IZOLACNI SKLA a.s. which is the world's only-manufacturer of insulating glass with uncoated film (since 2005) and this year is preparing a number of large projects in EU and for this proposal is planning a major expansion of production and technological capacity.

Mentioned solutions provide to a potential investors a unique opportunity to invest in longer-run company, as well as into the technological project and thus simultaneously be with its develop-
ment and also in commercial production.

There are many options how to cooperate with investor or strategic partner.
If you are seriously interested, let's discuss our reciprocal possibilities.

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